Thursday, May 13, 2010

An unforgettable experience

May 12,2010

This morning,the students of XI IPA 1 held remedial test for Physics.Everyone were quiet.But,at the middle of working time,one of my friend,"D",changed the situation.As I knew,he stole(Ind:menyontek) the answer from his seatmate.It was his behavior.No,It is his behavior.

As soon as,my teacher took his worksheet.after that,something made me and others shock.

"D" :Why did you take my worksheet?
Teacher:Shut up!At the first,I have given warning.
Don't steal your friend's answer!Do it by yourself!!
"D" :I didn't steal.I didn't do anything.I just scratched my head.
Teacher:Don't be fussy!!
"D" :I can't accept this.I'll tell about it to Headmaster...It's not my fault.
Teacher:YOU!!I have known that you're inpolite one.
"D" :Whatever...,I'll tell it to my father too!
Teacher:Your father??
"D" :Yeah....My father is a/an.........(I couldn't hear well)
Teacher:You'll bring your father name?!(Jav:Kowe mung ngendel-ngendelne bapakmu to neng kene?!)

An so on.The words was difficult to remember.I felt eerie(suddenly frightened).

When'll The upper class not oppres The bottom class??

When I asked to my seatmate's opinion about "D" 's attitude,she said:"If one of them(D and my teacher) not gave in,may be,I have cried!"

Yeah....Finally,my teacher apologized to"D",after knew Who is the D's father.
After that,she gave D' worksheet back!!.....

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