Saturday, April 2, 2011

Smoking Habits, Advantages and Disadvantages

The Government has made a rule about smoking habits.But nowadays that rule juts a rule.Many of Indonesian smokers not pay any attention to that rule,instead breaking the rule.Active smokers don’t notice passive smokers.Besides smoking is very dangerous for us.The most active smokers say that smoking is their lives.The smoking rule just a rule because there are two arguments about habits,advantages and disadvantages.
For the most active smokers,smoking is their lives.
They say that smoking gives them an inspiration,friends,effective weight loss aid,concentration,stress relief and tranquility.Usually most of smokers start their smoking when they are on friendship world or imitate the parents.Smoking is a usual thing in a family if the parent/s are smoker.

Next,buy cigarette means that they give our state some money
As we know that the most state’s income is from cigarette tax.The cigarette factory absorb many of worker.From the tobacco farmers.the laborers,employees etc.In a fact,Indonesia is the biggest tobacco’s producer in the world.It means that we export our tobacco
In other hand,the passive smokers say that smoking habits is bad one.
It’s because of the bad impact given to us.The most we afraid is the deseases caused by it.These are lung cancer,permenat cough,impotence,bronchitis etc.The smoke also makes pollution in the air.Smoke decreases environment quality.Nicotin contained in cigarette makes addiction to smokers. Smoker feel elder than non smoker of their age. Resistance power against diseases will be reduced.
They also say smoking means burn their money
Buying cigarette is not useful for them.They have to pay so expensive to recover the desease caused by smoking.
Smoking habits give our state great income.But it also makes people spent their money for useless thing.The delimitation of smoking habits doesn’t mean inhibition of human right.So,our government must gives punishment for they who break the smoking habits rule.
Active smokers have to realize that not all people do like smoke.They have to protect them.And passive smokers have to respect the active smokers.We have to create balance between someone who do smoke and do not smoke.


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