Saturday, April 2, 2011

recount text

At Friday morning,Dec 17th 2010,I together with 9 of my classmates went to Jogja.We had made a plan what we would do in Jogja.The first of all,we went to railway station.We got for Jogja by pramek (a kind of train).In Pramek there were no enough seats for us.So we decided to sit on the flor.Only us that did it!And then we got out the foods had brought from home.without paid any attention with other passengers we ate our foods.
Upon arriving at Jogja,we took many photos at Stasiun Tugu,at Malioboro street.The aim of those trip was taking many of photos.We continued our trip on foot.We visited Pasar bringharjo and bought some goods there.
In the afternoon,we had lunch in front of there with pecel.Feeling tired,we decided to get rest at taman Pintar.
A day with cheerfulness of boldness trip closed when we went back to Klaten by Trans Jogja.
It was the amazing experience for us!!
A piece of happiness at highschool period.

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