Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Turn To You Song Review

There are some ways to express our feeling.I think song is the most.A song represent someone’s feeling.Everyone has favorite song.It’s same as me.I have a lot of favorite songs.One of them is I Turn To You.A Christina Aguilera’s song.A touching song for me.It’s a ballad song.
I Turn To You is produced by Guy Roche and the lyrics written by Diane and Warren.It’s a soundtrack song of Space Jam movie (1996) singing by 4 all-one.This song sounds amazing after re-released by Christina Aguilera in 2000.

In this song,Christina becomes a narrator.She describes about someone special in her life.By watching the MV( music video) we know that someone special told by her is her mother.She tells that her mother always there when she are losing faith.Mother always gives her spirit to not give up.She feels warm,safe,strong and do manything because of mother.Mother’s love is so amazing.Basically,mother always there when she needs her.Theme for this song is thanking a parental figure (mother)
Without watching the MV,naybe we think that someone told by Christina can be her boyfriend,sister,brother or someone else.But it’s no matter.It can be a universal love song.By listening to this song you can feel that the lyrics is deep,the music is wonderful and of course the voice of Christina Aguilera is great!
Although this song released in 2000,but it doesn’t bore.You can express your feeling to someone special with this this song.So,listen to this song and you can get inspiration

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