Monday, November 29, 2010

Doing a Srtict Diet at The Puberty,Good or Not?


Every teenager wants to be a good looking one.As we know at the puberty (teenage period) there is “something” that makes us to be different.Something like that is astrange feeling when you see or meet someone you liked.This makes us to be more pay attention to our performance.For they who have a big body,sometimes their body is their enemy.For that reason,most of them excert themselves in order to lose the overweight.


Point 1

Overweight is close with a lot of deseases.


Someone who is overweight usually the healthy is lees than who is not.This is because the body contains more fat.In our body this fat changes to be cholesterol.An overcholesterol makes our body not health.It causes a lot of deseases such as obesitas, diabetes, hypertension,heart attack etc.

Point 2

Overweight teenagers do the strict diet to make their body keep healthy,moreover to make their performance to be better.


Teenagers (ussually girls) will be more confidence if they have slim body.They said that with slim body without fat will attract the other teenager’s attention (boys).Because they feel that they are good looking ones.Once again,teenagers do diet because of “something’’ that make them different.


Point 1

Doing a stict diet at growth period (puberty) is not good.


In growth period we need more nutrients than formerly.We get these nutrients by eating nutrious food.It’s dangerous if we lose our important nutrients contained food we eat.A limitation of eat frequency (strict diet) absolutly means thereduction of nutrients we need.Of course it makes the degenerative in our body (degenerative of intelligence,immune,power,etc).

Point 2

Being a good looking doesn’t mean have slim body.


Attract the other attention is not always by our external performance (beauty).Someone will be comfortable in our side if we have good inner performance (beauty).It’s not important whether we have big body or not.By doing everything based on your heart and with your inner beauty will attract people attention aroun you.It’s same with to do not judge the book from the cover.


An overweight body gives us a lots of deseases.But losing the fat/cholesterol by do a strict diet in order to attracts someone you liked attention is not good too.We can keep our healthy by do sport,eat the nutritious food.It’s important for us to eat 3times in a day,of course with nutritious food (fat less).We also have a positive thinking that external performance is not always same with inner performance.So,it’s better for us to not destroy our body by strict diet.

Klaten, November 2010

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